Wednesday, 1 August 2018

@ M0BEW 10 element 144MHz EME Yagi OWL-G/T

@ M0BEW 10 element 144MHz EME Yagi OWL-G/T.

My current 2m antenna here @ M0BEW
Performance, details, construction and comments.

Gain: 15.27dBi @ 144.3MHz
F/B: 28.49dB @ 144.3MHz
Peak Gain: 15.29dBi
Gain 10m above ground: 21.07dBi
Peak F/B: 28.87dB
Power Rating: 5kw
SWR: Below 1.2:1 from 144MHz to 145MHz
Boom Length: 5.83m
Weight: 4.1kg/9lbs
Safe Wind Speed: 204Kph/127Mph
Turning Radius: 2.29m/7.52ft
Vertical Stacking: 3M

12.7mm and 9.525mm diameter tube OWL loop.
12.7mm elements with a wall thickness of 1.2mm. 
Boom is 3/4 inch.
A direct 50 Ohm feed-point. No matching.
Boom to mast bracket to fit upto 50mm masts.
Marine grade Stainless Steel Fittings.


Very tidy and well constructed.
More to follow.

Tim M0BEW.

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