Monday, 6 April 2015

VP8THU South Sandwich Islands DXpedition

VP8THU South Sandwich Islands DXpedition.

Described by Captain James Cook as the most horrible place on Earth, the South Sandwich Islands are also one of the most logistically difficult places for a DXpedition. Using only 100 watts and verticals, this experienced team took on the South Atlantic's tough environmental challenge by heading to Southern Thule - the planet's most southerly piece of land outside the Antarctic Treaty Zone.
Operating within the remains of an old Argentine base, (and amongst 100,000 penguins!) this video documents the 2002 Microlite DXpedition to the South Sandwich Islands, and shows how a team set out to bring back the fun of old-time DXing.

VP8THU South Sandwich Islands DXpedition Full

Many thanks to James 9V1YC for making this material available.

Tim M0BEW.

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