Monday, 17 March 2003



Russian DX Contest

Call: M0BEW
Operator(s): M0BEW
Station: M0BEW

Class: SO20MIX
QTH: England
Operating Time (hrs): 14

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  0     0
   80:  0     0
   40:  0     0
   20:  1086  130
   15:  0     0
   10:  0     0
Total: 1086   130  Total Score = 877,630

Good start on Saturday, band finally went out at about 20:00.
Finished on the first day with 891 q's
Ended up with a total on Sunday of 1086. That pretty much sums up how bad
Sunday's conditions were here. 
Had a run in with a UA9, who came up a few 100hz away at about 40 over 9
deciding he wanted to take the freq.
After I while when I hadn't moved he came zero beat with me, 10 mins later
he moved away a little and a 2nd station came on telling me to qsy, after
this he started cq'ing using the same call and zero beat with me while the
original was still a few hundred down. Funny thing was,  the second station
started used the same cq sound file as the original but if anyone answered
him the op had a completely different voice. This went on for a while but
the original UA was still too close to me and clearly having difficulty
making qsos through my cq's needing 9-10 shots at serials. Eventually the
original UA came back zero beat and started rag chewing with the second UA
in Russian. After chatting in Russian for a further 5 mins the original UA
moved and left the second station cq'ing. The second station was no where
near as strong and the rate recovered and worked through him easily, when he
realised this he simply resorted to jammed anyone who answered me.
I'm just glad I had the whole thing recorded, quite frankly you can't make
up stories worse than this. Incredibly bad behaviour.

On the whole a very disapointing end to a promising start. Great contest


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